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Brazil Fast Facts...

Relative Location
Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean


total: 8,511,965 sq km
land: 8,456,510 sq km
water: 55,455 sq km

GDP Per Capita
$10,100 (2008 est.)
$9,800 (2007 est.)
$9,400 (2006 est.)

Major Rivers
The Amazon
Form of Government
Multiparty federal republic with 2 legislative houses



Rio de Janeiro Carnaval
The wonderful South American nation, is known for a lot – its most colorful Rio de Janeiro Carnaval, its famous tradition, its most vibrating music, parades and samba dance, and many more. And it is truly an exciting experience.

Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha: beautiful beaches and only 400 or so tourists allowed on the island at a time. definately an amazing place to see.

Sao Paulo
Just flying over the airport and city is good enough. It’s
cool to see so many tall buildings/skyscrapers but you can do that by flying
over the city. Once you’re in the city it is just like any other big city.
It’s dirty, too.

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